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All DVDs that we produce will come with a full menu and chapter options and are burnt onto a high quality DVD medium. Unless specified, we will use Lightscribe -R DVD’s for all video work we do for you.

Using the Lightscribe medium allows us to actually burn the label into the DVD so there are no messy labels that can peel off or ink that can be smudged.

Please note:
Information (video and audio) on commercial DVDs is "stamped" or "pressed" onto the disc that is then compatible with all DVD players. However the DVDs we produce are created by "burning" the information to disc using a computer and DVD writer.

There are two DVD formats available: DVD-R or the DVD+R format. Both formats are compatible with the majority of DVD players that were manufactured in the past few years. Most manufacturers of DVD players are now ensuring that all new models are compatible with DVD-R, if you are unsure as to what format your DVD player will play, we will happily bring along a test DVD when we come to discuss your requirements for shooting your event on video.
Our DVDs
Our DVDs