Cakes and Rustic Rolls

Eloise's Jamboree Bakery

Chocolate Brownies

Twelve delicious double chocolate brownies.  We like these with strawberries and ice cream or cream, or enjoy simply on their own.
Victoria Sponge

A firm favourite in our house.
Seven inch luxurious Victoria sponge cake filled with strawberry jam and dusted with icing sugar. 
White Rustic Rolls

Six white rolls made with 100% white bread flour, shaped by hand and baked to perfection. These don't last long in our house and are ideal for school lunches.
Sultana Cake

Two pound sultana cake filled with juicy and plump sultanas and baked in a loaf tin.
50/50 Rustic Rolls

Six rolls made with 50% white bread flour and 50% wholemeal flour.  Hand shaped and baked to perfection. A heathier alternative for packed lunches.
Chocolate Sponge

Seven inch chocolate sponge cake filled with buttercream icing and dusted with icing sugar.
Quality Control

All my cakes and rustic rolls are made at home using the best ingredients and lots of TLC.

All proceeds from the sales of my cakes are going to my World Scout Jamboree fund which takes place in West Virginia U.S.A. July /August 2019. 

Further information on my GoFundMe page which can be found at the following link: 

Delivery & Service

All deliveries to Tolpuddle are free. Deliveries to other local areas can be arranged for a small delivery charge.


Other ways to get in touch:

If you don't have access to email you can get in touch with me by either dropping a note or the order form to me at my home address or phoning me at the number below. Thanks.

Poppy Cottage
41 Main Road

01305 848658